Massage Therapy

Massage feels great but is much more than just a luxury or pampering experience. Massage is very beneficial for the body, stimulating blood circulation and breaking up areas of stagnation. Not only helping sore spots but stimulating the lymphatic system which can improve our energy levels, sleep quality and overall health. Massage is also very good for the nervous system which is so often on overdrive for many people these days. Calming an overactive nervous system is vital to acheiving good health. Trying to pummel a stiff neck without relexing the person will usually result in a tense neck again pretty soon afterwards and possible bruising.

Also, with naturopathic treatment, if you give herbal medicine and diet to help the stomach for example, but dont give treatment to relax the overstimulated nervous system you will usually only get a partial cure.
Massage therapy can be an important complement to naturopathic treatment and get you feeling wonderful again.

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