Tweed Coast Naturopath Clinic

Tweed Coast Naturopathic is run by BJ McDean B.Nat ATMS.
With 20 years clinical experience, we are committed to helping you find the healthier and happier you.

“I draw from a wide knowledge base on wholistic medicine using scientifically validated approaches.
We offer functional medicine testing, herbal and nutritional medicines.
We can also use massage, energy healing and wholistic councelling, where necessary, to speed up the healing process”

A small snippett of clean, untreated hair can be taken and sent to a specialised labratory who will send us a full report of the results in approximatley 2 weeks time.

Salivary testing measures the amount of “free” hormones (not bound to protein like the hormones tested in a regular serum blood test).

We’ve all the heard the saying you are what you eat but alot of the time we dont stop to think about the massive impact our diet is having on our health.

Some say they eyes are the window to our soul and yes there is much to be learnt about a person from their eyes.

For more than a decade I have been witnessing the seeming “miraculous” results that herbal medicines can give. While this may sound over the top.

Massage feels great but is much more than just a luxury or pampering experience. Massage is very beneficial for the body, stimulating blood circulation and breaking up areas of stagnation.

Natural Medicine for You and Your Family

Western & Chinese Herbal Medicine
Nutritional Medicine
Massage and Energy Balancing
Salivary Hormone Testing
Homeopathy & more…

Are you suffering from:

–  Anxiety & Depression
–  Stress
–  Fatigue
–  Allergies
–  Infertility
–  PMS


– Childhood issues
– Weight problems
– Poor immunity
– Irritable Bowel Syndrome
– Pain & more …

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